Electric Fencing

Buy your Electric Fencing products through us, we sell volt and battery energisers, to solar panels, posts to paddock essentials. We have a product range that our customers can rely on. In an industry dominated by manufactured products originating from Asia and Easten Europe, we are proud to sell a quality range of Fencing prodcuts that is made in England.

Why Hotline Electric Fencing?

Hotline is a UK company established in Newton Abbot, Devon. The HOTLINE range now comprises over 250 products and has almost everything you will need for the construction of electric fences.


Battery energisers are extremely potable and we offer a range of options from 6v models with disposable batteries to 12v recharable models and solar power options. 

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Hobby Battery Energiser

12v Medium power energiser. Excellent equine energiser and for use with small runs of poultry netting. 12v input, Single spike stand, On/off switch, Low battery/pulse indicator

Part No 47HLB50

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Gemini 80 Electric Fence Energiser

Gemini energisers will run from either a 12v battery or from a mains power supply, perfect for those wanting flexibility to move between a temporary, portable fence. Download Guide. 

Part No 47HLC80

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6V Air Alkaline Battery

6v 40amp hour battery for 47HLB150. Provides up to 15 weeks of power.

Part No. 47P44

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9v Saline & Air Alkaline Batteries

9v batteries (8.4 actual) for 47HL300 and 47C200 energisers Powers up to 25 weeks.

Part No 47P32S-130