We sell OEM filters and aftermarket filters options for servicing your vehicle

  • A typical diesel engine will require 8,000-10,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of fuel that it burns, which makes the air filter a key player in preventing premature wear and even catastrophic failure of the engine from ingested foreign objects.
  • Quality fluid filters remove the tiniest of particles, down to as little as 10 microns in some instances, every time the fluid passes through. A human hair is around 50-70 microns thick.
  • Many oil filters contain non-return valves to stop oil draining back to the sump. This means each time the engine is started oil is ready to be delivered and this dramatically cuts down on engine wear.
  • Filter performance reduces over time as the media fills up with particles and contaminants. Replacing filters at the recommended intervals will keep your machine running at optimum performance.
  • Cleaner fluids and gases extend the service life of the components that use them.
  • All Vapormatic filters are benchmarked against original equipment (OE) manufacturer specifications for micron and flow ratings to ensure they match or exceed the performance offered by the original. And with over 300,000 filters sold last year alone, you can be sure of field proven performance.