The Short Motors are built in the U.K. by our engineers who ensure all critical measurements are checked at every stage of the build process.
    The all new block is manufactured exclusively for Vapormatic, using the very latest “lost-foam” casting technique. 21st century foundry processes and metallurgical specification deliver a high degree of accuracy and an excellent surface finish, both internally and externally.
    Product information & Technical specification:

    • Engine Type: BSD333
    • Bore: 111.778mm
    • Stroke: 111.778mm
    • Cylinders: 3
    • Cylinder head bolt size: 9/16” UNC
    Typical applications:
    • Direct replacement, BSD333: 4000, 4600, 4610, 4130, 4330, 4630
    • Also replaces, BSD326, BSD329, BSD330 & BSD332 - 2000, 3000, 2600, 3600, 3900, 4100, 2310, 2610, 2810, 2910, 4110, 3230, 3430, 3930.
    Earlier specification engines with ½” UNC thread cylinder head bolts will also require cylinder head bolt kit VPA3913 and VPA5083 timing cover kit bolt kits to complete installation of the New Short Motor.
    You will need the following additional items:
    • Cylinder head gasket: VPA4301
    • Cylinder head gasket set: VPA4101
    • Bottom gasket set: VPC6105
    • Oil pump is included and must be fitted.

    Download - New Poduct update

    Replacement Ford Short Motor (3 Cylinder)


    VLB4249- Aerosol penetrating oil (x6)

    VPA2500- Camshaft

    VPA2600- Camshaft follower

    VPA3925- Engine block dowel (x2)

    VPB2540- Piston

    VPB4540- Piston ring set

    VPB6003- Connecting rod

    VPC1042- Crankshaft assembly

    VPC2100- Conrod bearing set

    VPC3100- Main bearing set

    VPD1100- Oil pump

    VPD1502- Oil pump shaft

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