Baler Twine

Gold Strand Baler Twine is able to offer the high knot strength needed when baling either the heaviest silage bale or the most dense barley straw bales, without letting you or the baler down. Produced under a Quality Assurance System, the exceptional quality and strength of Gold Strand Baler twine is derived from a combination of top grade raw materials and manufacturing expertise.

All Gold Strand polypropylene Baler Twines are manufactured from Virgin Polypropylene Granulate using tolerances stipulated in relevant EN standards. Each pack of Gold Strand Baler twine contains 2 individually shrink wrapped spools, that comes with the Independent Twines

Available Twine Specifications

  • Product Name Tama™ Hay
  • Pack Length (ft) 10,000
  • Pack Weight (kg)  8.7
  • Colour Yellow,Pink


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Uniformity & consistency

Continuous, smooth running twine that will help maximize baler productivity.

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High strength

High strength yarn for maximum knotting performance.

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Easy feed spool design

Ensures that the twine flows freely and evenly from the start of the spool to the very