If you want to order products via our web shop please fill in this form and send it to us. If we accept you as a customer, then we shall open an
account in your name after which you will receive a confirmation.You will be given a User Name and associated Password. Please note that you
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They are strictly personal and non-transferable.Your account may be terminated by us if we decide so with immediate effect. Your User Name
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Collection and use of data
In order for us to make purchasing through our web shop possible Kramp Groep BV (“Kramp”; registered address Breukelaarweg 33, 7051DW,
Varsseveld, the Netherlands, trade register nr. 09219396) provides supporting services. In order to enable Kramp to provide these services we
must share certain information about you/your company such as contact details, information about payments, invoices and ordered products
(“the Information”) with Kramp. By signing this registration form you agree to such information being transferred by us to Kramp and for Kramp to
use the information for the purpose mentioned. The information shall be stored and kept in a safe and protected way and not be used for any other
purposes than making purchasing via the Webshop possible for you. The information shall not be kept any longer than necessary to use it,
nor being transferred or made available to other parties or processed outside of the European Economic Area. You are free to contact us at any
time if you wish to review and/or amend any personal data that we hold about you or, if you wish to withdraw your agreement to the use of your
information as described above.