Hydraulic Hose Assembly

  • Custom made to your specifications
  • Quick fit, while you wait service
  • Assembled with quick connect couplings ISO 16028

Flexible premium quality hose for the transportation of high pressure mineral and hydraulic oils, fuel oil and water-oil emulsions. Our hoses are frequently used on machinery within the construction, agricultural, mining, oil and gas industry.

PTO Repair

Repair services for your PTO needs. We are able to quickly diagnose what made your component fail and provide you a solution to get you up and running.

PTO Safety

If not guarded correctly, a power take off (PTO) and power take off drive shaft of a machine can be very dangerous. Every year there are deaths and serious injuries due to accidents involving PTOs and PTO drive shafts.

PTO Safety Information

Please click on the links to see the dangers of PTO shafts and the Vapormatic PTO Shaft Safety Audit Sheet. The PTO Safety Audit Sheet can be used to ensure that your PTO Shaft is regularly checked and remains safe to operate

PTO Shaft Safety Form

Information sheet published by the HSE.

Clutch Kits & Assemblies - also available to buy

No1 clutch replacement for all the major tractor applications. Tractor clutches do not only have to ensure operability. They often have to run secondary machines via PTO drive too. All leading tractor manufacturers rely on the durability, cost efficiency and the outstanding damping qualities of LuK tractor clutch systems. Click downloads to learn  more .

Failure Diagnosis

LuK’s guide to troubleshooting clutch-system
failures and malfunctions

LuK Tractor Clutches

Reliable quality – LuK Tractor Clutches Brochure .