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we provide farmers, small holders, contractors and landscapers with the essentials

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Grassland Management

Parts and attachments for grounds maintenance equipment, including tillers, rotivators, and cultivators.

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Cultivation Parts

Order wear-resistant  tines, points and shanks including flat wings and harrow discs, plus a selection of bearings. 

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Forestry & Ground Care

 Selection of ground care and forestry machine, spares including a variety of  mower blades, strimmer wire and PPE 

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Lubricants, Greases & Oils

A comprehensive range of Agricultural lubricants that have been specifically formulated to support agricultural equipment

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Electric Fence Kits & Accessories.

A range of quality electric fencing products to accommodate all animals and livestock. Stock includes battery energizers, insulators, posts, and electrified netting, 

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Nuts, Bolts & Washers.

Essential for any tool box kit. Various sizes available. Variety of fixings to complete any task. Suitable for various agricultural machines & applications.

How to Ensure You Get the Correct Part You Need

If you own or operate a tractor, you know how important it is to keep it in good working condition. Sometimes, you'll need to replace tractor parts to maintain its functionality. To make sure you get the right tractor part, there are some essential steps to follow.

1. Identify the Part You Need: Before you start calling dealers for tractor parts, you must know exactly what you need. Check your tractor's manual, consult with a mechanic, or use online resources to pinpoint the specific part and its part number.

2. Purchase from Reputable Suppliers: KM Parts is an established authorized dealer for a variety of well-known manufacturers and suppliers. You can trust our parts for the toughest tasks.

3. Check Compatibility: Make sure the replacement part is compatible with your tractor's make, model, and year. Verify that it matches the specifications and dimensions of the original part to ensure a proper fit

4. Cross-Reference Part Numbers: Even if you think you know the part you need, cross-referencing part numbers with the manufacturer's information or the supplier's database is a crucial step. This helps prevent ordering the wrong item due to naming variations.

5. Consult with a Mechanic: If you're unsure about the compatibility or installation of the tractor part, it's a good idea to consult with a qualified mechanic or technician. They can provide expert guidance and ensure you're making the correct choice.

6. Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations: Before making a purchase, read product reviews and seek recommendations from other tractor owners or enthusiasts. They can provide insights into the quality and reliability of the part you're considering.

7. Verify Return and Warranty Policies: It's essential to understand the return and warranty policies of the supplier. In case you receive the incorrect or defective part, having a clear return or warranty process can save you time and money.

8. Double-check Ordering Details: When placing your order, double-check all the details, including the part number, quantity, and shipping address. This helps avoid errors and ensures you receive the correct tractor part.

9. Keep Records: Maintain a record of your tractor's maintenance history, including the parts you've replaced. This documentation can be valuable for future reference and resale value.

  • Conclusion: Getting the correct tractor part is vital to keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently. By following these steps and being diligent in your research and purchasing process, you can minimize the chances of getting the wrong part and ensure your tractor remains in excellent working condition.

Choose Vapormatic replacement parts for your John Deere Gator

You want your Gator to be safe and dependable every time you use it without the worry of rising costs.
Vapormatic’s trusted parts can help reduce your annual maintenance and repair costs. 66 new parts focus on the
common replacement parts that you need most across all areas of the machine. All parts are developed within our
Quality Engineering processes to ensure you can have full confidence in your purchase. Find out more about Vapormatics range of parts here

keeping stocked up on everything you need to service your machine

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Drive Belts & V Belts

A large range of Agricultural V-Belts to Keep Your Wheels In Motion All Season Long. 

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Batteries & Chargers

Our batteries have the well earned reputation for outstanding quality, reliability and durability. Click here for more information.

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Transmission Bearings & Seals

A variety of bearings are held in stock including major brands SKF, FAG and Koya.

Irrigation System Solutions

Buy water pumps, MDPE Polyethylene pipe, connector Valves, and taps in-store. We offer competitive prices on a range of Plasson fittings to suit our customer's needs. 

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MDPE Polyethylene Blue Pipe

Manufactured and tested in accordance with the quality requirements of BS6572.

Outside diameter available in different sizes 20mm & 25mm

For underground use only.

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Plasson valves & Connectors

Manufactured with high-quality materials and modern sealing systems, yielding long

WRAS approved

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PVC Hose Trico Pro

Suitable for construction, industry, and agriculture applications.

With soft, smooth interior wall and UV-resistant exterior wall

Cadnium-, Barium- and Lead-free

Various sizes available

Universal Power take off (PTOs)

we offer a selection of Benzi and Di Terlizzi, Driveshafts, yokes, top links, stabilizers,  pins, transmission chains, and linkage. 

Lighting range

Our Lighting range has been developed to cover all your vehicle lighting needs. Whether you are looking for work lamps, beacons, rear lamps, marker, and positioning lamps, or interior lighting for your cabin.

Paint & Accessories

Whether it's a minor repair or a full restoration, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality tractor and agricultural machinery paint and accessories for all makes

Need replacement Mower blades?

Mowing is one of the most important areas of work in the grass and feeding sector. This is why KM Parts offers a comprehensive range of rotary mower blades to suit various machines such as KUHN, CLASS, FELLA, NIEMEYER, KONGSKILDE, KRONE, and POTTINGER.

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GUARANY Professional Sprayers

Established in 1923 Guarany specializes in spraying and powder application equipment. Their business is built on a strong ethical philosophy: at the heart of Guarany’s ethos is respect and care for the natural world. While spraying and fogging disinfectants, detergents, biocontrols, and agrochemicals may be necessary, Guarany products aim to minimize excessive usage with clever, thoughtful designs and a range of innovative accessories.

We have deals on workshop air compressors and PCL accessories, including a range of hoses, switches, valves, and quick-release couplings.

Buy the Fiac Workhorse Air Compressor

"Workhorse compressors provide
more than just air...
   ...its dependable air delivery...
      ...designed & built to the highest
            European Standards"
                    Demand... a Workhorse!

Low Cost Speedy Delivery Available

Customers within our local area can benefit from low-cost next-day deliveries. Order by phone before noon and you could receive your goods in just a few hours depending on stock availability. 

Simply call 01249 652937 and speak directly to one of our outstanding sales operators. At KM Parts we work hard to offer our customers the best service possible.

Customer Returns

We work hard to deliver complete customer satisfaction from our products and services. However, occasionally, problems can arise, and when they do, we want to make sure our returns procedure is as straightforward as possible. For more details on our returns procedure please click here.